Friday, January 27, 2012

karl linnas fam as DPis

as it goes by local story tellers : parents of this nazi henchmen from tartu, est. were murdered by che-ka jude commissars. was extradated to the sov.un 1987
sister - Frau Karulas geb. Linnas 
linnas receives some kind firefigther's diploma
indicated as summer 1944
 linnas with daughter - DPis
herr&frau karulas - geb. linnas with her - karl linnas parents. DPis

all from herder institut karl hintzer sammlung

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  1. Hans Laats supervised the guards who guarded the prisoners at the Kuperjanov Barracks in Tartu. (GX-19-A at 17). He testified that Linnas served as a guard at the exhibition grounds and several months thereafter became the chief of the relocated concentration camp at the Kuperjanov Barracks. (id. at 22-23). Defendant, Laats, and the other guards at the camp were members of the Selbstschutz. (id. at 12, 15, 23).

    Laats witnessed the execution of prisoners who had been held at the Kuperjanov Barracks. Those who were to be executed were kept in a special barracks at the camp on Kastani Street. (id. at 18). On a number of occasions he observed defendant supervising the prisoners who were being escorted out of the special barracks to an execution site. (id. at 23). Laats confessed to his own presence at one execution conducted at an anti-tank ditch (known as the "Jalaka Line") outside Tartu. This excavation had been converted by the Einsatzkommandos into a mass grave site for the victims of their extermination process. In recounting a portion of Jalaka Line execution, he stated that Linnas was the individual who had announced the death sentence and had commanded the guards to fire on the prisoners who were kneeling at the ditch's edge.[10] (id. at 24).

    Laats identified Linnas both at his videotaped deposition and at an earlier meeting with a representative of the Department of Justice as chief of the concentration camp at the Kuperjanov Barracks. (id. at 33-36). We find that the eight-picture photospread from which Linnas was identified, considering the totality of the circumstances, indicates that the Laats identification of Linnas was reliable.[11]Cf. Neil v. Biggers, 409 U.S. 188, 199-200, 93 S. Ct. 375, 382, 34 L. Ed. 2d 401 (1972) (reliability of pre-trial identifications in the context of criminal prosecutions).