Friday, January 13, 2012

How clean are the countries that do not recognize Israel?

There is a fairly reliable index of corruption in the various countries of
the world, the Corruption Perception Index, according to which the
"cleanest country" (New Zealand) is rated 9.5, and the lowest (Somalia) is
rated 1.0. The average country receives a score of 5 or 6.
Now, of the 192 members of the UN, Israel has diplomatic relations with
156. The remaining 36 governments refuse to have such relations with
Israel, some more vociferously than others. Quite a few go so far as to
deny that Israel exists at all. The full story is told here
As it happens, the countries that refuse to have diplomatic relations with
Israel are, by and large, among the most corrupt in the world, some having
a cleanliness score of no more than 1 or 1.5 out of ten. The average
rating for these refusal countries is 3.16. (The US has a score of 7.1,
Israel 5.8). Below are the scores of all the 36 governments that refuse
to deal with Israel:

Afghanistan 1.50
Algeria 2.90
Bahrain 5.10
Bangladesh 2.70
Bhutan 5.70
Bolivia 2.80
Brunei 5.20
Chad 2.00
Comoros 2.40
Cuba 4.20
Djibouti 3.00
Guinea 2.20
Indonesia 3.00
Iran 2.70
raq 1.80
Kuwait 4.60
Lebanon 2.50
Libya 2.00
Malaysia 4.30
Mali 2.80
Mauritania 2.40
Morocco 3.40
Nicaragua 2.50
Niger 2.50
North Korea 1.00
Oman 4.80
Pakistan 2.50
Qatar 7.20
Saudi Arabia 4.40
Somalia 1.00
Sudan 1.60
Syria 2.60
Tunisia 3.80
United Arab Emirates 6.80
Venezuela 1.90
Yemen 2.10

average 3.16

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