Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kurdish-Iraqi Writer: The Palestinians Should Extend A Friendly Hand To Israel

Kurdish-Iraqi writer Mehdi Majid 'Abdallah 

"According to a UN report, in 2008 Israel, which the Palestinians claim murders innocent children, took in 144,838 Palestinians for purposes of medical treatment. In 2009 this figure grew by 20%, reaching 172, 863, in 2010 it reached 175,151, in 2011 it grew by 13%, reaching 197,713, and in 2012 it reached 210,469. I wonder if any Arab country would do the same for Israelis?"

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  1. Well Arab countries if catch a jew in one of their hospitals would cut him in pieces or do you have ane doubt. I even doubt if the jew would arrive to any hospital. Arab muslims have a hate cult against jews in particular and against all minorities in general..