Thursday, September 19, 2013

The 1938 scandal race


21 June 1938 Abraham Tokazier competed on 100 metres at the opening games of the newly built Helsinki Olympic Stadium. He crossed the finish line first but the official results placed Tokazier fourth, even though the announcer declared him as the winner right after the race. On the next day a picture taken on the finish line was published in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. The picture clearly proofs that Tokazier was the first one to cross the line. Reason for lowering Tokazier on fourth place was most likely antisemitism rather a mistake made by the jury. An official delegation from Nazi Germany was among the guests and that was the reason why organizers dropped him out of the podium.
The scandal became a hot topic again in 2013 as the Finnish author Kjell Westö wrote about it on his book "Hägring 38". Finally on 18 September 2013 the Finnish Amateur Athletic Association made an apology to the family of Tokazier and admitted that he was the real winner of the 1938 race. The official results cannot be overruled due to the rules of International Association of Athletics Federations. Wiki.
it was not necessary anti-semitism, they just wanted to please germans. hospitality sort of.

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