Sunday, May 27, 2012

van Jungs, father and son

Mark van Jung was one of the richest men in estonia between the wars , owner of several wool and flax mills- factories in Sindi , Pärnu and elsewhere which were of course nationalized in 1940. As bourgeois element, family were listed for deportation by the soviets in 1941. For unknown reason they were not, and remained in Tallinn at the time the germans took the city. Van Jung was soon arrested by the nazis, but unlike other jews that all were shot , he was released after lengthy interrogation, where he maintained, that his father was dutch and mother of karaim descent. - More likely, IMHO man had still ressourses to bribe or/and blackmail SD personal - locals, to believe that. Its unclear, what he did and if he provided services to the nazis. however his wife, Elsa - nee Feitelberg didn't survive. By estonian sources, she was advised by her husband to give herself up and perished in nov. 1941. Remarkably, nkvd (kgb)files indicate, that Van Jung was their operative before and after the war. He was not prosecuted after the war and lived quite comfortably. he died in late 50_is.
Mark van Jung - likely, before the war

Viktor van Jung, before the war

Viktor in his 70_is

Viktor was mobilized in Red army and was taken by germans as POW in  Saaremaa in the nov. 1944.
he didn't returned to the soviets after the war but went to americans and was employed by CIA.

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